HARLOT NATURE (2012) from Sea Creature Press is Nick Herbert's latest collection of visionary poetry and prose wherein he attempts to express in words the essence of quantum tantra--the future science of the third millennium. Quantum tantra proposes to use the methods of quantum physics not merely to predict new physical phenomena but to unite human minds with the minds in nature in a direct and unprecedented way. Nick supposes that many extraterrestrial cultures already participate in this new way of merging with nature, so part of Harlot Nature concerns itself with contact with seriously advanced alien civilizations--what that might actually feel like. Besides the title work, Harlot Nature includes Tantric Jihad, How I Conquered Death, 2000-Year-Old Pickup Line, No More Safe Science and the lyrics to Urge: A Short Opera About Reality.

HARLOT NATURE is itself participatory with contributions from my late wife Betsy Rasumny, physics chanteuse Lynda Wiiliams, German translations by Reno de Caro and illustrations by August O'Connor, Kim Fulton-Bennett and Khola Shou Herbert.

92 pages: perfect bound
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Modern physics
is fully erect science.
Quantum tantra
is physics on all fours.

PHYSICS ON ALL FOURS (2000) is the predecessor text to Harlot Nature, Nick Herbert's first clumsy baby steps towards discovering a more intimate physics-based union with nature. My son Khola Shou illustrated this book with unusual drawings of sea creatures and a smiling lion cover. Physics on All Fours includes Jabir's Formula which encapsulates the essence of quantum tantra, 99 Names of Goddess, Meta-docs on Duty, Stolen Dope, The Man Who Married the Sea plus the tantra physics anthem Elements of Tantra whose chorus echos the common theme of both Physics on All Fours and Harlot Nature.

Love every one of my elements
Caress my paradox
Embrace each phase-entangled photon
Hug my molecules; kiss my quarks.

92 Pages: perfect bound
Price: $12
Postage & Handling $4.00

Payment via PAYPAL

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